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We help build & invest in companies who push the world forward.

Common symptoms include:

- initially simple solutions with discernible traction
- that accelerate a statistical/macroeconomic inevitability
- by unlocking latent opportunity in informal or nascent markets.

Examples of problems/theses that excite us:

- The emerging global middle class
- Changing nature of work / bottoms-up economy
- Post-LinkedIn professional reputation & identity (e.g. vertical networks like Dribbble, GitHub/StackOverflow & Instrumentl)
- Automating industry (e.g. Compology)


We're building a promising portfolio/track record:

- 5 seed investments to date

- 100% hit rate on Series A from blue chip investors (Accel Partners, Lowercase Capital, August Capital)

- Close relationships with & reputation for real value-add among portfolio company CEO


We provide operating experience & expertise:

- Held founding executive roles at two startups I invested in (Head of Product @Grovo; Founding CMO @Tala); mentor at Techstars & United Nations Entrepreneurship Accelerator; founder @ - a "pre-accelerator" for ideas; founder of @CoreLabs

- I roll up my sleeves and get hands dirty for my portfolio cos. From intros to evangelism to experiment design to cohort analysis to writing job descriptions (yes, really!), I do what it takes to earn (& re-earn) the privilege to own shares in startups that push the world forward.

- I know when it's time to step back and let others take over. My goal, in virtually all scenarios, is to make myself obsolete by Series B, if not earlier.


We will syndicate all seed investments we make.

Ajay Rajani
Entrepreneur & investor currently building @meet_gerry. Formerly: Founding CMO @talamobile, Head of Product @grovo, Founder @muralhq.
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Brad Holden
Angel/Seed for AWS & Venture Partner @tomorrowventures
Diego Gomes
Founder & CEO @rock. Blogger, mentor & aspiring angel investor. Passionate about mobile, SaaS and subscription businesses.
Armando Biondi
Cofounder & COO @adespresso, acquired by @hootsuite in Feb 2017. Angel investor in 100+ startups. Guest Contributor, former Radio Speaker, proud #500strong
Stefano Bernardi
Planet+ investor
Rob Ness
GP at Asymmetry Ventures. Obsessively hunts the world's best startups. Had a blast @harvard-university, @berkeley.
Ilya Gelfenbeyn
Head of Google Assistant Investments, Co-founder and CEO @API.AI/Dialogflow (acquired by Google), Angel Investor, LP at
Dave Rice
Angel Turned Limited Partner Mentor, Technologist, Parachute Executive and Investor. With over 20+years of tech startup exits, failures and development.
Kevin Weatherman
Co-Founder & CEO @leverhealth - fmr @mopub acq. @twitter , @onesignal - NYC Angel Investor
He's a startup guru, and founder of Nextt Accelerator
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