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IndieONE Global Media Company

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at IndieONE Global Media Company

Miami · Full Time

As a team of passionate, creative & insightful people, the IndieONE Global Media team is on a mission to empower the world's creative community. We're breaking down the barriers that typically keep exciting creative products hidden away from public view. So if you love a mission that is both empowering as well as adventurous, then IndieONE is the place for you. What better way to spend you days and nights working on something that both entertains as well as changes the world at the same time.

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Job Description

The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) will focus on maintaining and improving all technological issues in the company.

Chief Technology Officer Duties and Responsibilities
• Setting company technical vision and leading company’s technological development
• Developing strategic plans and setting timelines for evaluation, development, and deployment of all technical, web, and mobile services
• Identifying opportunities for web and mobile services
• Collaborating with department heads, marketing, production, and operations as advisor of all technologies involved with company
• Ensuring technology standards and best practices are met
• Monitoring web analytics and making recommendations that align to business goals
• Supervising quality assurance processes, integration, and system tests
• Establishing software development process and set objectives for process
• Mentoring team members
• Identifying company web user needs
• Monitoring performance profiling tools and procedures
• Maintaining network security with IT team
• Reviewing timeframes and budgets
• Developing and implementing disaster and emergency recovery plans
• Supervising workflow of IT department
• Defining company standards for systems, equipment, and software
• Sharing technological visions, opportunities, and risks company-wide
• Studying current and new industry trends, technologies, and software development
• Studying information processing systems to evaluate effectiveness and make recommendations for improvement
• Representing company at conferences and networking events
• Ensuring company’s technological processes and service comply with all requirements, laws, and regulations

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What We're Building

IndieONE is a Live Global Broadcast Media Platform featuring Music, TV Shows & Movies by Top Independent Artists, Producers & Filmmakers from around the world. Our team is creating a platform that empowers creative people around the world to showcase their works via an environment of and for passionate people who love what they do. We're also building a new ecosystem, using Blockchain Technology, that will help talent secure job opportunities / gigs at a faster pace by making the process more seamless, secure and transperant.

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