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Social Media Intelligence for Brands and Agencies

Our mission is to bring Social Media Intelligence to every marketer in the easiest possible way.

What We're Building

Inclick Track makes it easy for you to understand Social Media efforts of your competitors by identifying where they are spending money. Track creates realtime reports of brands to display insights and data about the pages and profiles that you do not own. It makes it easy for you to understand which campaign is getting more engagement so you can create a better Social Media Strategy. Our Discover feature lets you create engaging content by searching through a database of millions of posts with analytics info. You can also create alerts to get notified when your competitors do something great, get a mention, or get more than average engagement or response. Take advantage of AI-powered data and create an outstanding marketing strategy.

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Jobs at Inclick

Inclick Team

Siddhant Minocha
Founder at Inclick | Most innovative Startup awarded by GoI | Digital Marketing & Analytics Specialist

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