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Inca Digital Securities

Scientific Project Coordinator at Inca Digital Securities

Washington DC, Paris, Saint Petersburg, Remote · Full Time
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Job Description


- Help us build a team around our projects.
- Assume responsibility for every aspect of our projects, split them into specific tasks, and periodically check in with team members to makes sure they are on the right track.
- Help project participants organize their time and facilitate communication.
- You'll be the glue connecting people working on different projects. You need to be able to keep everyone happy and laser-focused on their tasks.
- Help us balance the budget for different projects and report back on their status.

General Requirements:

- Mandatory: Background in IT, Mathematics, Finance, or other sciences.
- Understanding of IT language and concepts. Most of our projects are highly technical. We expect you to keep up with us.
- Fluent English. We are an international team and most of the business is conducted in English. French/Russian a plus.


- You'll be a part of a small team of computer engineers, security experts, scientists, mathematicians, and finance experts from the US, Europe, and Russia.
- You'll get to work on cutting edge technologies in IT security, blockchain, and finance.
- We have a clear and open development process on GitLab. You'll see the result of your work with zero red tape slowing things down.
- Most of our code is open source and your contribution will be properly attributed.
- You will be hired as a contractor with a choice of how and when you want to get paid.
- We have a great hang-out spot/office in downtown DC where the magic happens, but we are open part-time and remote applicants.
- We don't discriminate based on race, nationality, age, sex, sexual orientation, physical abilities, or political views. We expect the same from you.
- Weirdly, our tech teams are dominated by young female coders and we are working hard on hiring qualified male candidates for diversity purposes.

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