Jobs at Impraise

(YC S14) Continuous feedback between co-workers.

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What We're Building

Impraise is a People Enablement Platform that makes performance and development initiatives meaningful for people, actionable for managers, and painless for HR. With hundreds of customers worldwide, Impraise is the partner of choice when it comes to creating a culture that empowers your most valuable asset—people. The web and mobile platform is designed to help customers increase productivity and engagement through flexible reviews, regular feedback exchange, and structured coaching moments. .

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Jobs at Impraise

Impraise Team

Steffen Maier
CMO @Impraise • Mobile, real-time feedback between co-workers • @Y Combinator Alum (S14).
Bas Kohnke
CEO of Impraise. Working with a very talented international team. Y-Combinator S14
Filipe Dobreira
Software Developer, Tech Enthusiast, CTO and Founder @Impraise
Arnaud Camus
Co-founder & Mobile developer @Impraise (YC S14)
Vasco Fernandes
Engineer & Product Manager hybrid; Launched a startup; Data nerd; Building beautiful products & great teams
Wibe van de Vijver
Head of Business Development @Impraise Former senior strategist for @Google's Online Partnership Group (AdSense, Ad Exchange, DFP, Admob).
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Impraise Investors

Alberto Lopez Toledo
CTO @Freshly , previously CTO @Pixable and @Telefonica R&D. PhD Engineering @Columbia University
Krishna Vedati
CEO of Tynker. Helping kids to become creators.
Brion Lau
Co-founder of MojoRank. Worked at iTalent, Cisco, and Kaplan. SCU Leavey MBA.
Srinivas Mandyam
Founder @Tynker, @Plusmo@Covigo Worked at @AT&T
Inaki Berenguer
Founder CoverWallet. Founder & CEO Contactive (acq by Thinkingphones) and Pixable (acq by SingTel). PhD Cambridge. MBA MIT. Fulbright Scholar Columbia.
Srini Panguluri
Co-Founder at Egomotion, Corp.
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