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First and foremost I look to invest in impressive founders with a track record of excellence.

My expertise and market focus:

  • On-demand: Smartphones give us superpowers to access services on demand. There are still lots of opportunities here. Investments: Nurx, Rappi,, Trusted, SelfyCart, StarCity, OkPanda
  • Developer tools: My last 2 startups built developer tools and as an engineer I understand the space very well. As software continues to eat the world the tools matter more and more. Investments: Wallarm, Convox, PaidAPI
  • Connected robotics and machine learning: this field is only just becoming accessible to startups recently with deep learning advancements and commodity hardware. Investments: Marble, Varden Labs, Geckorobotics, IrisOnBoard, Aptonomy, SwayFinance
  • Fintech: I worked at Bloomberg and have a lot of interest in disrupting finance. I think there are still too many middlemen and not enough innovation from banks. Investments: Alphaflow, Truebill, OneChronos
  • Healthcare: huge space, ripe for innovation. Investments: Nurx, TrendMD, Circle Medical,
  • Enterprise: As an entrepreneur since 2006 I know the tools that are currently used to build businesses are antiquated and ripe for disruption. Investments: SwayFinance, Seneca Systems, PaidAPI, Convox
  • VR: VR is the next big platform and is going to disrupt many industries including gaming, entertainment, education, productivity etc. Investments: Skylights, Sixa

Things I generally won't invest in, unless the founders are particularly impressive:

  • Startups that I could not build myself. I want to understand the space in depth, be able to evaluate the competence of the founders and evaluate the product; all these things are hard to do in spaces that are too different from my skill-set.
  • Social, ad-tech and content companies.
  • Companies that don't plan to release their product for more than 1 year after my investment.
  • Companies that don't have a path to becoming valued above $10bn.
  • Companies that don't build the future.

I am a 2x YC alumni and most investments I make will be in YC companies or ex-YC alums.

For many of my syndicates I will only invite funded backers as they need to be closed quickly. You can opt out of any particular deal without penalty.

As long as I have a big enough allocation and the founder is happy with it I will share all deals.
Immad Akhund
Now: CEO, Founder @Mercury & seed investor, Was: PT Partner @Y Combinator, Founder @Heyzap (Acquired). Investor: @Airtable, @NURX, @Rappi, @Atrium 50+
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Lee Linden
Entrepreneur & Early Stage Investor Founder of @Tapjoy Founder of @Karma Ads/Commerce at @Facebook
Zach Coelius
First $1B exit with an AngelList Syndicate when GM bought Cruise Automation. Former founder and CEO of Triggit.
Jim Payne
Former founder/CEO of @MoPub, sold to @Twitter in 2013. Product at @Google and @Admob. Degree in CS from @MIT. Currently investor and BOD member.
Sundeep Ahuja
60+ Syndicates incl @Mosaic @Good Eggs @Burrow @Starcity @Notable Labs; 3yrs @AWS; Co-founder @Richrelevance; Advisor @Indiegogo; BS CS Stanford.
Michael Staton
Partner at Learn Capital. Co-Founder of Uversity. Co-conspirator of Dev Bootcamp, YearOn.
Jeff Morris Jr.
Product Manager
Director of Product, Revenue @Tinder. Led revenue team to #1 top grossing app. Investor @Chapter One.
Jeff Rich
Founder @Hemisphere Ventures, Founder @Xplore, Founder @BrainyQuote, Entrepreneur, Strategic Planner, Information Architect, and Landscape Photographer.
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