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Connected Wearable Elements for the Fashion Industry.

Imbue is a small team working to simplify life with beautifully crafted, fashionable and intelligent wearables. We believe there is increasing friction between technology and everyday life, both in function and form, and are addressing that by embedding intelligence into objects that people already understand and desire. Our first product is a fashion accessory that brings a new level of convenience to your everyday communications, helping you live in the moment. We are a small & passionate team that believes in working smart and moving fast with autonomy, creativity and learning built into our DNA!

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What We're Building

Imbue (previously Seer Labs) creates beautiful and intelligent Connected Wearable Elements for the Fashion Industry. We empower fashion brands and designers to embed intelligence into their products by connecting them to users smartphones and lifestyle.

Our first product is a connected element, worn as the centerpiece of a bracelet, which provides busy, style-conscious woman with elegant connected jewelry that helps her stay connected to the people and services that matter, even when her phone is out of sight.

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Imbue Team

Hiral Patel
Founder Scarlett, Co-founder Imbue, Ex-Microsoft Speech. EECS UC Berkeley.

Imbue Investors

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