Jobs at Orb

"Empower Community Based Economies"

Similar to the way the web has democratized information for users worldwide, our goal is to democratize payments, loyalty, and smart contracts for businesses and consumers by developing the next generation of decentralized computing products. We believe in hiring smart people and getting out of their way. We are a young, lean, internationally-minded seed-round startup with a talented, close-knit team based in Tokyo, Japan. We keep meetings to a minimum and all eyes focused on our innovative product development and market adaptation.

What We're Building

Orb DLT: Highly Practical Distributed Ledger Technology

Orb DLT (Orb Distributed Ledger Technology) is a highly practical Distributed Ledger Technology.
Orb DLT is consist of three components: Apollo, Core, and Toolbox.
Apollo is a decentralized data operating system which manages and processes data without without centrally managed computers.
Core is a middleware which allow you to define transaction behavior of currency and contract flexibly and simply, and to execute transaction securely and concurrently.
Toolbox is a SDK which let users to develop fintech application on top of Core easily.

Jobs at Orb

Orb Team

Dennis Jarvis
VP of Product @Orb • Sr. Product Manager at @Rakuten • Japan Country Manager, Service Products at @Apple • Studied Economics at @Temple University
Satoshi Hikida
Experienced software engineer. I have developed several web application services. Currently I am working on development distributed storage system.
Stefan Petrovski
S/W Engineering Manager with a wide range of experiences, worked at CERN prior to Asics in Tokyo, Japan. Lived/worked in 7 different countries.

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