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Distributed Ledger Technology for partner networks - パートナーネットワークのための分散台帳技術

Similar to the way the web has democratized information for users worldwide, our goal is to democratize payments, loyalty, and smart contracts for businesses and consumers by developing the next generation of decentralized computing products. We believe in hiring smart people and getting out of their way. We are a young, lean, internationally-minded seed-round startup with a talented, close-knit team based in Tokyo, Japan. We keep meetings to a minimum and all eyes focused on our innovative product development and market adaptation.

What We're Building

Orb Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is a data and transaction platform that is consensually shared and synchronized across institutions, data centers, cloud providers, and geographic regions. Orb DLT’s advanced methods for sharing data, transaction logic, and workflow across partner networks helps firms reduce costs, operational risk, and complexity. Key features include:

- Configurable virtual currency/point/e-money economies
- Best in class tamper-evident and independently auditable business transactions
- Highly available, scalable and completely decentralized ACID database transactions
- Easy integration via RESTful interfaces (API)

Orb分散台帳テクノロジー(DLT)は、データセンターやクラウド・プロバイダー、および地域全体で合意に基づき同期、共有されるデータとトランザクションプラットフォームです。 パートナーネットワークを介してデータ、トランザクション・ロジック、およびワークフローを共有するOrbDLTの高度なメゾットにより、企業はコスト、運用リスク、および複雑さを軽減することができます。 主な機能は次のとおりです。

- 設定可能な仮想通貨/ポイント/電子マネー経済
- 最高クラスのタンパーエビデンスと、独立監査可能なビジネストランザクション
- 高可用性で、スケーラブル、完全分散化されたACIDデータベーストランザクション
- RESTfulなインターフェース(API)を介し統合を容易に

Jobs at Orb

Orb Team

Louis Zeun
Previously worked as a Senior Software Developer for DogVacay and the Systems Architect for Crowdgather.
Sanjana Mehta
Working at Orb Inc. as a Product Manager.
Amogh Garg
Working as a full stack engineer at Sony Real Estate. Enjoy writing beautiful code. Hungry to learn something new everyday.

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