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Put the power of Android to work as part of our Mobile team. Our Android app is big and bold, representing IFTTT to millions of users. We aim to create a complete IFTTT user experience by leveraging the latest Android technology.

Our Mobile team works closely with product managers, designers, and backend engineers to craft a premium user experience in our award winning Android app. Using the latest technologies, hardware sensors, and native APIs, we enable an unimaginable variety of use cases. We take pride in our pursuit to understand our users and way they interact with their digital ecosystem, to build a world class product.

As part of our team, you’ll think critically about how to test and implement new product ideas. You’ll use data and user feedback to improve and extend our user experience and engagement. You’ll think creatively about new Android-centric features, and how we can apply them to benefit our users. You’ll give positive and candid feedback, advocating for the user, while having empathy for non-technical perspectives.

At this point in your career, you’ve already shipped a production Android app in the Google Play Store, and you are always learning. You’re a member of a team, working with designers, product managers, and backend engineers to build a complete experience enjoyed by tens of thousands of users. You are driven to keep the platform stable, and development process easy, so you can focus on shipping what you create.

Core technologies currently used by the IFTTT Android app: Java, Kotlin, Node.js, Gradle, HTTP, SQL, Git, AWS-S3Retrofit, Dagger2, OkHttp, Moshi JSON, Picasso

Your first 30 days
- Familiarize yourself with the codebase and features of the IFTTT Android app
- Ship small features using data as a feedback loop, and get to understand how we measure impact
- Learn how IFTTT works, and what all of the internal silos do

Your first 90 days
- Implement new features based on user feedback and strategic goals
- Add new features to grow the IFTTT audience, making the app more accessible to more people
- Understand the differences between iOS and Android apps and supporting systems

Your first 6 months
- Build an IFTTT service, using new Android features
- Understand how the IFTTT backend infrastructure supports the mobile apps
- Be involved in product planning and strategic product development

Apply here: https://ifttt.com/jobs/android-engineer?lever-source=angellist

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IFTTT empowers people to do more with the services they love. We work with over 360 apps, services, and devices including Facebook, Twitter, Philips Hue, Dropbox, Google, Nest, FItbit, BMW, and Slack, with Applets. Applets bring these services together to create new experiences of all types, from automating simple tasks to transforming how someone interacts with and controls their home. We believe creative control of the services we use should be intuitive and accessible to everyone. IFTTT is VC funded, and every year over 100 new services join the platform.

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