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Job Description

You are a builder and API fanatic. You are passionate about the possibility of connecting IFTTT to all of the internet’s coolest and most popular devices and services. You have advanced HTTP skills, and are an astute debugger and clear and precise communicator.

Join a small team and work with our partners to build the services and integrations that make IFTTT work.

Check out our engineering blog - engineering.ifttt.com and open source projects -ifttt.github.io/.

What will you do?
Build and operate the integrations between IFTTT and external partners and services
Work with partners to help them build awe-inspiring services on IFTTT
Develop tools to improve the efficiency of API integration and service onboarding
Draft and distribute documentation for developers and integrators
Write elegant, tested code

What key qualifications are we looking for?
Advanced coding and debugging skills
Experience building and integrating with APIs and services
Great product sense and creative insights
Strong written and oral communication skills
Deep knowledge of HTTP, Oauth, and APIs

Apply here: https://ifttt.com/jobs/api-engineer?lever-source=AngelList

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What We're Building

IFTTT empowers people to do more with the services they love. We work with over 360 apps, services, and devices including Facebook, Twitter, Philips Hue, Dropbox, Google, Nest, FItbit, BMW, and Slack, with Applets. Applets bring these services together to create new experiences of all types, from automating simple tasks to transforming how someone interacts with and controls their home. We believe creative control of the services we use should be intuitive and accessible to everyone. IFTTT is VC funded, and every year over 100 new services join the platform.

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