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Technology Consulting for Startups

At Ideanub, we work closely with passionate people and help them assemble and manage the technology stacks for their startups. You would enjoy the achievement of building newer things in newer domains, tackling technology challenges that keep you from getting bored of the mundane. You get the chance to play around with the latest in development technologies, play around with them and find the most perfect solution, juxtaposing them with the established practices and trends. Read More
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What We're Building

Ideanub is on a mission to empower early stage startups and budding entrepreneurs by providing technology solutions, tailor made to suit startup requirement. We realize technology needs of a startup and the hassles of finding efficient resources. We are on a mission to bypass your efforts involved in resource accumulation by providing remote teams and services. We are passionate about startups. With a team of people who've got extensive experience working with various startups at different levels, we understand a startup's technological needs better.

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Ideanub Team

Mohsin M
Co-founder/CTO,Technical Director @Ideanub,Extensive experience with startups, leading tech & product teams, building and rolling out various products
Tanweer Hassan
We can provide you one stop solution @, do contact us.. we have few success story.

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