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Full-Stack Engineer at iDatalabs

Seattle · Full Time

We are a young and fast growing startup out of Seattle. We are looking for talented individuals looking to work on challenging problems and exciting technologies.

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Job Description

iDatalabs is looking for a full stack engineer who is passionate about building end-to-end solutions that drives significant business impact and is interested in working in a small team, fast paced environment.

As a full stack engineer at iDatalabs, you should enjoy navigating all areas of the stack from cloud platforms to Web UI, and are comfortable with any phase of the software development. You have a strong bias for action and know how to work smart and fast, while striving for technical excellence. As a foundational member of the engineering team, you will have a significant opportunity to influence our culture and growth, in addition to massive impact on the product and business.


- Minimum 2 years with Front End Technologies (HTML/CSS/Javascript).
- Minimum 2 years with Databases (mysql/postgres or NoSql).
- Minimum 1 year with Python based frameworks (Django, Flask or others).


- Ability and willingness to work on all tiers of the architecture, from UI to backend to databases.
- Passion to learn new technologies and readiness to roll up your sleeves and hack up something new. Strong desire to write code that ships quickly and being comfortable making mistakes as long as your learn from them.
- Familiar with one or more of react.js, angular.js, meteor.js, ember.js, d3.js.
- Understanding of the web application lifecycle, MVC and other design patterns.
- Excellent troubleshooting skills, comfortable working on a Linux environment.
- Familiarity with cloud hosted platforms (such as AWS or Microsoft Azure).

What You'll Do:
- Build and work on a customer facing modern web portal.
- Build interactive UI components and corresponding backend for reporting and business workflow within the web application.
- Optimize perceived page performance for key pages, including fronted and backend optimizations.
- Build scalable and maintainable code for reusable webpage components
- Collaborate with program managers, data scientists and UI designers on a daily basis.

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What We're Building

We have built technology that indexes billions of structured / unstructured documents and leverages data science and machine learning to model the complex and evolving relationships between thousands of products and millions of companies worldwide. Our various solutions built on our proprietary technology graph are typically used by today’s data driven B2B marketers and sales professionals.

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Lokesh Dave
Founder iDatalabs - using advanced data science to help with B2B Marketing and Sales.
Parth Buch
Computer Science major, Python dev with 6+ years of experience, part time DevOps