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Actionable Marketing Intelligence

We are a young and fast growing startup out of Seattle. We are looking for talented individuals looking to work on challenging problems and exciting technologies. Read More
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What We're Building

We have built technology that indexes billions of structured / unstructured documents and leverages data science and machine learning to model the complex and evolving relationships between thousands of products and millions of companies worldwide. Our various solutions built on our proprietary technology graph are typically used by today’s data driven B2B marketers and sales professionals.

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iDatalabs Team

Lokesh Dave
Founder iDatalabs - using advanced data science to help with B2B Marketing and Sales.
Julia Cook
Journalist turned content creator, bringing the swag of a salesman to your consumer marketing.
Sagar Waghmode
Data Scientist and Quantitative Modeler with 4+ years experience.
Parth Buch
Computer Science major | Working at Enlyft | Previously at Enthought & IITB | Backed dev currently trying hands on Full Stack and DevOps
Nicolas Chambers
Vice President of Sales at Enlyft (formerly iDatalabs) with over 9 years of experience building strategic accounts, partnerships, and teams.
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