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What We're Building

At ID4A, we develop automation tools to advance and accelerate design-to-manufacturing processes across industries. We are a small team working on R&D projects that vary in complexity from cloud-based applications to complex automation tools, our developments combine a high caliber of design and technical skills to produce innovative solutions in industrial product development, form-making, physical prototyping and manufacturing. At ID4A Lab, we work with industrial robots, 3D printers, advanced materials, software development and machine vision technologies to underpin our creative processes, workflows and services. We are seeking dynamic talents and creative technologists with an active imagination and nerdy personalities.

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ID4A Technologies Team

Rania Hoteit
CEO of ID4A Technologies, named Best Entrepreneurial Company in America. Award Winning Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker+Writer, Advisor, Judge, Social Impact Leader
Malek Idriss
Co-Founder and CTO at ID4A Technologies. Entrepreneur, Design and Technology Architect.

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