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Smartest network layer platform

i2e1 is one of the fastest growing technology start-ups in the country, founded by IIT and IIM graduates and incubated at IIT Delhi. We at i2e1 have created a platform which helps offline retailers get real time insights into their customers, locations, vicinity and industry. Our clients like Chaayos, Airtel, Vodafone, Beer Cafe and thousand others use our solution for real-time decision making that directly impacts their business metrics.

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What We're Building

Information asymmetry is a big cause for social and economic inequality. Providing free (or marginally priced) internet access to end user would help break the have and not-have divide and provide better chance to everyone to achieve a good quality of life. We believe that the future of communication is mobile devices and that’s why our team is committed to provide best-in-class wireless network solutions. We have incorporated the latest tools and technologies using cloud-servers, AI and Bigdata to ensure the best-in-class customer experience. Our rock star team with IIT, IIM pedigree has extensive experience in the area of technology, finance and analytics, and most of them have played senior leadership role in large organizations in the past.

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i2e1 Team

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i2e1 Investors

Pranav Pai
Engineer, Partner @3one4 Capital , @Stanford University '13, Bangalorean. if(isMember(me, majority) == 1) reflect(onLife, pause);
Anurag Ramdasan
all things internet. Investor @3one4 Capital
Nidhi Surana
Seasoned entrepreneur with strong track record as founder, investor and mentor for start ups across multiple sectors

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