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In-App Chat for your app.

Hyphenate’s MIM platform provides embedded messaging and file sharing that builds in-app communities. Our turn-key mobile instant messaging capabilities deliver stickier in-app experiences. Hyphenate MIM is easy to integrate, easy to customize, and easy to scale. It’s free to try at www.hyphenate.io

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Hyphenate Mobile Instant Messaging Platform

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Jobs at Hyphenate

Hyphenate Team

Jerry Wu
Currently working as Director of Product and Solutions Engineering at Hyphenate for mobile and web in app chat platform. With electrical engineering background
Han Dong
VP of Marketing & General Manager, Hyphenate Inc.
Jean Wang
UI/UX Visual Designer with experience in mobile, web, OOH digital and print advertising.
Chris Halcon
Communications Professional
Sara Spaventa
Developer Community Manager / Social Media & Events Coordinator - Hyphenate Inc. MSc Marketing - Durham University Business School.

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