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HyperVerge Inc. is a Silicon Valley based startup, founded by young IITians.
At HyperVerge, we are using the technology of deep learning and computer vision to create breakthrough innovations. Deep-learning networks built by HyperVerge are powering applications in domains such as Security, BFSI, Satellite Imaging unlike ever before.

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What We're Building

HyperVerge, Inc. is a Silicon Valley based deep learning startup, founded by IIT Madras alumni and funded by NEA, Milliways Ventures and Naya Ventures.

HyperVerge has developed patent-pending technology for analysis of images and videos by identification of people, places, objects, backgrounds and events. Optimised self-learning algorithms produce results that are real-time and highly accurate to ensure you find the data they are looking for within just a few seconds. Applications include analysis of consumer-generated images/videos, emerging data sets such as drones data, satellite imagery, security and other industrial data.

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Jobs at HyperVerge

HyperVerge Team

Kedar Kulkarni
Founder HyperVerge • Founder Lema Labs. Studied at @Indian Institute of Technology - Madras
Vignesh Krishnakumar
Founder and CTO @HyperVerge. CS '15 @Indian Institute of Technology - Madras. Passionate about @Computer Vision and @Deep Learning. Hobby artist.
Praveen Kumar
Co-founder at HyperVerge. Electrical Engineering from IIT Madras.
Vivek Vaidya
freshman at U of I - majoring in Computer Science & Linguistics
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HyperVerge Investors

Srikanth Sundararajan
Entrepreneur, Executive, Angel, VC, Faculty - 30+ years in the enterprise tech space.