Jobs at HyperVerge

HyperVerge Inc. is a Silicon Valley based startup, founded by young IITians.
At HyperVerge, we are using the technology of deep learning and computer vision to create breakthrough innovations. Deep-learning networks built by HyperVerge are powering applications in domains such as Security, BFSI, Satellite Imaging unlike ever before.

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What We're Building

HyperVerge, Inc. is a Silicon Valley based deep-learning startup funded by NEA, Milliways Ventures, and Naya Ventures.

HyperVerge has developed patent-pending technology for real-time analysis of images and videos obtained from sources such as satellites, surveillance cameras, industrial cameras, and documents. Our models lead the market with top accuracy values on many important data-sets and are optimized for deployments in low bandwidth environments. Deep-learning networks built by HyperVerge are powering applications for large enterprise clients in Security, Energy, Financial Services and Defense.

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Jobs at HyperVerge

HyperVerge Team

Kedar Kulkarni
Founder HyperVerge • Founder Lema Labs. Studied at @Indian Institute of Technology - Madras
Vignesh Krishnakumar
Founder and CTO @HyperVerge. CS '15 @Indian Institute of Technology - Madras. Passionate about @Computer Vision and @Deep Learning. Hobby artist.
Praveen Kumar
Co-founder at HyperVerge. Electrical Engineering from IIT Madras.
Vivek Vaidya
freshman at U of I - majoring in Computer Science & Linguistics
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HyperVerge Investors

Srikanth Sundararajan
Entrepreneur, Executive, Angel, VC, Faculty - 30+ years in the enterprise tech space.
Dayakar Puskoor
MD at Naya Ventures

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