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We are creating the new standard for location-based services. Apps across industries and countries are using location more dynamically than the current software stack is able to service. Developers end up having to build and operate a lot of infrastructure in order to build simple features. HyperTrack is the easiest way to build location features for any application. What would otherwise take days and weeks is now possible in minutes and hours.

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Hypertrack exists to help developers build what they can imagine with location. You have the critical role of expanding the world's imagination about what is possible with location, especially involving movement. Nothing spurs the imagination of a location developer more than a stunning visual. We are constantly bringing the real world to life on our user's screens.

It is hard to build stunning visuals with location. It is harder to build primitives that others can use to build stunning visuals with location. You need to bring an insane amount of passion and imagination to make a dent in this universe.

HyperTrack is a playful, young and innovative brand with a hint of rebellion. Everything that we build will speak the design language you invent for us. Furthermore, everything that our customers build with us will spread the language to their users and communities.

You must be creative to the point of being neurotic, biased for action to the point of showing more than talking, and thought leader to the point of being a cult leader. You will get the creative space to express yourself and the resources to live your dream. You must have a proven track record of creating designs for category leading products with a heavy visual aspect, maps/location is a bonus. You must have worked with global teams building a product with a global footprint. We don't care if you use an iPhone or Android, a Mac or Windows (ok that one we do care!), Safari or Chrome. Similarly, we don't want you to care if our users consume your designs through any of these platforms.

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What We're Building

We help developers build anything they can imagine with location.

Smartphones with GPS have been part of our lives for a decade now. Majority of the world is carrying a device that knows where you are and what you are doing. Developers building apps for work and consumers want to use this data to provide better product experiences but are unable to. This goldmine of data remains untapped as a result. HyperTrack makes it possible to use it in any way you can imagine.

Apps for work use HyperTrack to build order tracking and location-based assignments. Apps for consumers use HyperTrack to build live location sharing and geofencing. We track users in every inhabited continent of the planet. And we have only just begun.

HyperTrack is well funded and operates between San Francisco and New Delhi. We are a team of entrepreneurial developers with global experience. Write to us to join our team.

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