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Control System/ Robotics Engineer at Hydroswarm

San Francisco · Contract

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Job Description

We are seeking exceptionally talented engineers (junior and senior engineers) with extensive hands on experience in control system design and implementation. Applicants with following expertise should apply

Minimum Requirements:
1) Extensive experience in hands on implementation of various feedback control algorithms (Sensor integration in feedback loops, actuator control)
2) Experience in autonomous system control- navigation, guidance, tracking
3) Extensive experience and knowledge of programming and testing of various MCUs, and other embedded systems.
4) Have been involved in various hands on robotics and mechatronics projects.
5)Basic understanding of machine learning algorithms is a plus

For advanced roles:
Hands-on application experience in control theories in at least three of the following : classical control, modern control, nonlinear control, model predictive control, optimal control, robust control, sliding mode control.
Extensive experience in trajectory/path planning for autonomous vehicles
Knowledge of vehicle dynamics modeling, system identification
In depth understanding of state estimation techniques( state observers and various state estimators)
Exceptional coding abilities (C & C++), architecture, debugging, and performance/diagnostics measurement skills
Extensive experience in algorithm design and prototyping in simulation environments as well as product oriented implementation
Experience in software development with C/C++ for real-time embedded control systems.

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