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Next Generation Wearables for Athletes.

We empower people with the information they need to be their better selves!

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What We're Building

Humon has built the first thigh-worn wearable that non-invasively measures oxygen levels in muscles in real time. Historically, athletes or consumers looking to understand where their body’s limit is, were forced to go though an invasive, expensive and inconvenient lactic acid build up tests (a necessary insight to maximize athletic performance).

With the Humon wearable, all athletes can now optimize performance by simply wearing the band around their thigh and leverage the live actionable insights to help them regulate intensity, know when and how hard to push themselves, as well as optimize warm-up and recovery. Humon can literally help make the world better athletes.

The team is out of MIT and their product has been vetted clinically, is patent pending, and is being tested by professional teams and Boston based athletes.

They are endorsed and advised by Dr. Provencher (Dr. of the New England Patriots) and Dr. Franceschini (inventor of the gold standard tissue oximeter).

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Jobs at Humon

Humon Team

Alessandro Babini
Co-Founder @Humon • ex VC at @DN Capital • Studied at @MITSloan, @HecParis @LSEnews
Daniel Wiese
Co-Founder & CTO @Humon@Massachusetts Institute of Technology PhD in Mechanical Engineering
Pami Anderson
Near-Infrared spectroscopy; Algorithm development; Exercise physiology; Clinical trials; Breast cancer; Tissue mimicking phantoms
Ethan Hathaway
Software Engineer - Backend, Frontend, Mobile Interested in engineering MVPs with highly concurrent realtime backends. and React ecosystem frontends.

Humon Investors

Shrikant Lohokare
Founder @Tantiv4, @Capism • Venture Partner@NextGen Venture Partners, GP@eCubed Ventures, GP@21 Ventures
Jordan Fliegel
co-CEO @DRAFT , Founder @CoachUp , Chairman @Athletes of Valor , Investor in 40 startups @Bridge Boys, Author "Coaching Up!" (Wiley)
Chris Redlitz
@Transmedia Capital, early stage investor in SaaS, commerce platforms and digital media. Avid cyclist, health & fitness junkie. Founder of The Last Mile @TLM
Jason Burke
Boston-area ad tech VP of Product
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