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What We're Building

The mission of Humon is to empower people with actionable insights about their body allowing them to be the best version of themselves. Humon’s first product, the Hex, is able to understand the limits of your body and prescribes the perfect pace and workout intensities in real-time. It is able to do this by measuring the way your muscle uses oxygen in real time, the best measure of exertion you can get.

Unlike any of the competitive wearable solutions that measure systemic body parameters, such as heart rate or respiratory rate, the Hex provides a game changing, localized muscle measurement. It satisfies athletes’ needs to have information about how their muscles, the key driving forces, are responding to exertion in order for them to optimize their training.

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Jobs at Humon

Humon Team

Alessandro Babini
Co-Founder @Humon • ex VC at @DN Capital • Studied at @MITSloan, @HecParis @LSEnews
Daniel Wiese
Co-Founder & CTO @Humon@Massachusetts Institute of Technology PhD in Mechanical Engineering
Pami Anderson
Algorithm Engineer; Data Science; Near-Infrared spectroscopy; Performance optimization; Exercise physiology; Clinical trials

Humon Investors

Shrikant Lohokare
Founder @Tantiv4, @Capism • Venture Partner@NextGen Venture Partners, GP@eCubed Ventures, GP@21 Ventures
Jordan Fliegel
co-CEO @DRAFT , Founder @CoachUp , Chairman @Athletes of Valor , Investor in 40 startups @Bridge Boys, Author "Coaching Up!" (Wiley)
Chris Redlitz
@Transmedia Capital, early stage investor in SaaS, commerce platforms and digital media. Avid cyclist, health & fitness junkie. Founder of The Last Mile @TLM
Jason Burke
dad, marathoner, ad tech product guy @clypd, food lover, angel investor, Boston-[born, educated, housed], @jburkejburke
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