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Huddle Insurance

Customer Success Manager - Insurance at Huddle Insurance

Surry Hills, Sydney · Full Time
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Job Description

Huddle is a technology company that's changing the way we buy and use insurance. When customers choose Huddle to insure their cars, homes and holidays, they can claim online and get paid instantly. They get to experience unbeatable customer service. And they get to help incredible organisations such as Oxfam Australia, who are doing good in the world, because when claims are low, surplus money goes towards projects our customers are most interested in.

This is a great opportunity to join a fast growing startup that's shaking up insurance for good.

What you'll do

As the Customer Success Manager, you'll lead the customer team to ensure that customers always receive exceptional service, easy to understand general advice and that the training requirements are maintained at a high standard. In particular you will:

- Ensure that customers always get the help they need, where they need it, when they need it
- Mentor and support the customer team
- Continue to build a high performing team and managing the recruitment process
- Capture, monitor and report customer feedback for development of product, service and advice excellence
- Maintain a high standard of training for all customer service staff
- Work closely with the broader Huddle team to help us achieve our goals

Basic qualifications

- 5+ years of deep, hands-on experience within retail financial services
- Highly developed business judgement and critical thinking skills with the ability to use data to quickly establish highest value priorities and develop a strategy to pursue them
- Experience working closely and communicating effectively with internal and external stakeholders in an ever-changing, rapid growth environment with tight deadlines
- You have the ability to motivate and inspire through storytelling
- Experience with Zendesk highly desired
- You have a desire to shape & change the future of financial services


- Fantastic Surry Hills location (a few minutes' walk from Central Station)
- Smart, engaged coworkers
- Generous remuneration including share options
- Great working environment with regular social events
- Career progression opportunities

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What We're Building

Insurance. One of humanity's greatest proof points. It allows us to drive expensive cars and travel the world without crippling stress. And it means we can rest assured that our loved ones will be looked after if something unthinkable happens.

But insurance has lost its way in the last 200 years. It's become incredibly expensive, mainly because of all those adverts and the cost of insurance fraud. (If you weren't aware, it's us policyholders that end up paying for both.) What's more, it's now a them vs us game with insurers to get them to pay at claims time. Consequently, it's one of the most hated consumer categories around.

Huddle is here to bring back the good old days of insurance powered by communities. Goodbye big ad campaigns, and goodbye insurance fraud. Join a Huddle and say hello to instant claims, plus unused premium is given back to your Huddle to fund amazing things.

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