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Hub of All Things - HAT

Junior Frontend Engineer at Hub of All Things - HAT at Hub of All Things - HAT

Cambridge, London · Full Time
The HAT: your own private data ‘microserver’ account (PDMA) your words, personal information, photos, music, everything on the Internet that is personal to you, is your data. Read More
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Job Description

Contribute to the Hub of All Things product suite:

- The Open-Source Rumpel (
- The Community portal (
- A range of new projects coming up where your initiative will matter

The HAT is a technology that can privately store anyone’s personal information in a container that only they can control and access. Having a container like this gives everyone the freedom and power to exchange as much or as little of their digital data as they like with Internet services and online organizations. Each HAT is a secure and private data account, and the personal property of their owner.

The technology landscape is changing, as all of us come to realize the value of our online information. What are the unique modern services that can only be built with horizontal sets of rich personal data? How can the individual consumer take advantage of those services without completely giving up their privacy?

If you are interested in contributing to a privacy-preserving digital economy, the HAT wants to talk to you. We are looking for hackers, builders, founders, and visionaries who want to move their applications, technology, and user base to safety, and we have funding, customer acquisition, and engineering support to help them do it. Join us.

You will be:

- Working with a world class research team on cutting edge ideas
- Leading open source projects in the mobile space and heading up open source communities
- Joining an exciting ecosystem on personal data economy working with many like-minded people

We want talents who has:

- Working experience with frontend frameworks, preferably Angular2
- Solid experience in HTML5, CSS and TypeScript
- Focus on user interaction and scalable/responsive implementations

Bonus points:

- Data Visualisation experience a strong advantage
- Some exposure to backend development
- Ability to contribute to the UI/UX design process, from technical and creative angles
- Understanding of cloud computing and available technologies

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What We're Building

We aim to give all individuals their own HATs: a personal data store owned by individuals themselves to allow them to collect, organise, use and exchange personal data securely and with ease-of-use. Individuals can use and re-use their data to fill in forms, post on social media, exchange their personal data for quotations and personalised offers. They should be free to choose their own trusted HAT provider, all of whom have been certified by the HAT Community Foundation.

We created the Rumpel® HAT dashboard to show how users can organise, control and share their data easily. They can also buy services to analyse and use their own data privately. We help organisations share the data they hold of their customers back to their customers' HATs (through universal data plugs) and earn the trust of their customers. Finally, we built the private HAT2HAT technology where private communications between HATs would not need to expose the data to third parties (coming soon).

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