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Hub of All Things - HAT

Research Data Scientist / AI Engineer - sponsor a work visa for UK at Hub of All Things - HAT

Cambridge, London, Warwickshire · Full Time
The HAT is a 'personal data micro-server' - essentially a cloud-based evolution of the smartphone, the laptop before it, and the desktop PC before that. With one, a consumer can legally own their personal data, and privately benefit from personal AI that draws from all of their personal information (no matter where it's created). Read More
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Job Description

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With a passion for combining several of sources of data with our team of talents to design and build HAT -

tech detail see here -

The HAT is a decentralised person-controlled micro server for personal data storage, processing, AI and exchange. In the ecosystem where individual can legally own and use their personal data, HATDeX commercialises the HAT ecosystem with a data brokerage revenue model, no matter where the data is created.

As the Internet has become more ubiquitous in our everyday lives, the centralised control of its most valuable assets (like data, privacy, and authority) has become very restricting. We’ve built the HAT to give individual consumers a technology that they can personally, privately own, decentralising power away from the corporations that have developed the web as we use it today, while providing forward-looking organisations with new opportunities to benefit from more and higher quality personal data from their own customer.

A half-dozen companies have signed paying Partnership Agreements with the HAT to pursue a commercial relationship, and 900 individual consumers have a HAT. We’re growing 3-5% every week, and working to make the HAT Platform the ubiquitous tool for Internet services to move their data and personalisation efforts into the new digital economy.

If you are interested in joining a cutting-edge personal data ecosystem, the HAT wants to talk to you. We are looking for hackers, builders, founders, and visionaries who want to move their applications, technology, and user base to safety, and we have funding, customer acquisition, and engineering support to help them do it. Join us.

You will be:
• Joining an exciting ecosystem on personal data economy working with many like-minded people
• Working with world class research team on cutting edge ideas
Given the Opportunity to work on some of the most challenging problems of our time
Given the Opportunity to work with an exceptional team from around the world
A fun, dynamic and challenging work environment
Routes to employment into our commercial partner

* your role will start as a research engineer, and we can sponsor a work visa.

In this role, We are looking for researchers and engineers with a passion for applying the cutting-edge research ideas to the most pressing data problems in the world. You will be part of a global team of top engineers and scientists. This role requires you to creatively apply existing research and build new AI applications. You'd also act as a project manager for the research project.

We want talents who is:
Familiar with machine learning. You should be versed in the process (data collection, training, evaluation, making iterative improvements) of building effective learning systems.
Able to work with the math of machine learning. If we need to make a change to a learning algorithm, you should be comfortable thinking about optimization objectives, linear algebra formulations of algorithms, etc.
Able to write code. While we appreciate theoretical understandings, it is even more important that you're able to write good code in languages such as C++/Java/Python/CUDA (i.e., not just Matlab).
Great verbal and written communication skills, you will be communicating complicated ideas in presentations and reports to our team and our customers.
Able to read and understand academic research work.

Learn deep learning and computer systems for building scalable machine learning algorithms.
Create new deep learning solutions and applications.
Run experiments, learn, iterate.
You will be working with a global team of top researchers and engineers, who are helping the world to adopt AI.

On your first day, we’ll expect you to have:
Software development experience with Python.
Understanding of machine learning workflow.
Data visualization and machine learning algorithm troubleshooting.
Experience with Docker containers.

It’s great, but not required, if you have:
Experience building state-of-the-art NLP models.
Experience with big data systems.

Bonus points:

Experience in full-stack development, in particular with
- Scala
- Relational databases, preferably PostgreSQL
- The Play Framework and Akka
- Linux system management and administration
- AWS services: ECS, RDS and CloudFormation as a minimum
- Understanding of container-based application deployment and management, specifically Docker

Demonstrated experience in building horizontally scalable systems
Understanding of technology landscape, architectures, trends, emerging technologies, and the full development life cycle.
Infrastructure as Code with other tools and other cloud providers

You can conduct development remotely with flexible working hours. However, you should also be available to work in / around London and Warwick (UK).

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What We're Building

We aim to give all individuals their own HATs: a personal data store owned by individuals themselves to allow them to collect, organise, use and exchange personal data securely and with ease-of-use. Individuals can use and re-use their data to fill in forms, post on social media, exchange their personal data for quotations and personalised offers. They should be free to choose their own trusted HAT provider, all of whom have been certified by the HAT Community Foundation.

We created the Rumpel® HAT dashboard to show how users can organise, control and share their data easily. They can also buy services to analyse and use their own data privately. We help organisations share the data they hold of their customers back to their customers' HATs (through universal data plugs) and earn the trust of their customers. Finally, we built the private HAT2HAT technology where private communications between HATs would not need to expose the data to third parties (coming soon).

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