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We make growth stage investments throughout the United States and look for category-defining companies with visionary leaders that are beginning to scale.

I am currently CEO of Agman, an investment firm with interests in private equity, venture capital, public equity and real estate. I was previously a VC at Atlas Venture.

Highlighted venture investments include: Nasdaq ACAD ($5 billion USD mkt cap); Stromedix (acquired by BiogenIdec for up to $562.5 million); PowderMed (acquired by Pfizer - undisclosed).

- We intend to syndicate every deal possible

- We work closely with companies to add value

- We invest substantial capital in each investment and will always be largest investor

- We ensure terms are fair and syndicated company valuations are reasonable

- Feel free to opt out with no repercussions.

Will syndicate when possible
Scott Silverman
Limited Partner
Generalist investor, with focus on growth stage companies
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Acquired for $850M in 2018
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Acquired by CA Technologies for $614M in 2017
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Jeff Fagnan
Founder at @fka; founder of @tugg-org / @veracode / @boss / Spearhead / @ml / board of @angellist / incubated @carbonblack (CBLK)
Lisa Rich
Founder@Xplore Founder@Hemisphere Ventures Founder@BrainyQuote, Strategist, Speaker, Frontier Tech investor in synthetic biology, robotics, drones and space.
Jeff Rich
Founder @xplore-2, Founder @hemisphere Ventures, Founder @brainyquote, Entrepreneur, Strategic Planner, Information Architect, and Landscape Photographer.
Barron Caster
Product Manager
Product, Growth @rev. Former VC @general-catalyst, Operator @zenefits, CEO @21-drops Relentlessly Curious
Can help with
“Specialize in growth, product, and marketplaces. Have tripled conversion rates across supply/demand for different companies and business lines.”
Hans Pusch
Limited Partner
Agman, DRW Trading, University of Chicago - Booth, Boston College
Scott has a rare combo of GP, LP and operator that brings amazing insight and knowledge to the table. He's a trustworthy, direct partner while being a great guy to boot.
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