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Hoxton Analytics

Computer Vision Scientist at Hoxton Analytics

London · Full Time
Hoxton Analytics is a highly innovative scale-up that helps real-estate owners and high-street retailers make better business decisions by providing them with accurate insights on their visitors. We have a friendly and open-minded team, a fun office and a culture of working together and mucking in. Read More
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Job Description

Hoxton Analytics is an award-winning machine learning start-up that has
developed a superior way to gather pedestrian footfall and demographic data.
This is a large and rapidly growing industry, in which the Hoxton Analytics
solution stands out for its deployment flexibility, accuracy and non-invasiveness.

This has led to significant commercial and financial growth in the company in
recent months. As a result, we are looking for a computer vision and deep-
learning expert to join our product team in London.

You will report into our CTO/co-founder, working as a crucial part of our product team focused on improving and expanding our algorithms, driving additional product functionality, insight and value through to our customers.

On a day-to-day basis, this will mean: Improving the quality, performance and robustness of our existing computer vision algorithms; Expanding our algorithm functionality to new demographics and metrics and to enable more sophisticated people tracking; Working closely with our developers to drive algorithm improvements and new algorithms through the development cycle.

We are looking for a self-motivated individual, who is excited about the prospect of working in a fast paced start-up environment. You will have an MSc or PhD in a machine learning or computer vision related discipline and ideally some experience applying these skills in a commercial environment as well. We are particularly interested in candidates with experience implementing deep learning methodologies such as convolutional neural nets (Keras or MXNet).

In return we offer a competitive salary, coupled with a generous equity options package. Combine this with the ability to work with and learn from total ninjas, a relaxed & friendly company culture (flexible working hours, regular social events, trendy office environment) and potential leadership opportunities in the future and we think this represents a unique and exciting opportunity for a computer vision scientist.

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Hoxton Analytics Team

Owen McCormack
Founder and CEO at Hoxton Analytics
William Thomas
Experienced data scientist and commercial digital manager with a background in strategy consulting. Currently CTO and a founding member of Hoxton Analytics.
Lee F F Stokes
Working in computer vision improving object detection & classification algorithms. PhD and PostDoc in particle physics with analysis techniques applied to data.

Hoxton Analytics Investors

Tim Floyd
Director, Wild Blue Cohort Investment Director, Westbourne Capital
Rashid Hoosenally
Co-Founder and Advisor to Startups 25 years experience in Global Financial Services specialising in Corporate Risk, Cross-Border Payments and Currencies