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build your own living structures: modular, portable, reconfigurable, & open-source.

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What We're Building

Houslets allows anyone to reinvent and reshape urban spaces with modular, redeployable, open-source building. We help people envision and implement low-cost housing, shelter, event, or work spaces, using new methods of low-skill and DIY fabrication. We also work with municipalities and property owners to facilitate siting and approval of units via "lean urbanism" approaches such as temporary use and accessory-dwelling zoning.

Project presentation from Hack the Housing Crisis conference, SF, June 2014:

Selected media:
"A Tiny Modular Housing System For Cities Where Real Housing Is Too Expensive To Afford." Fast Company ( Exist), Feb 26, 2015.

"Bay Area Man’s Envisions Small Living Spaces To Relieve Housing Crisis." CBS San Francisco, 6pm news, February 19, 2015.

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