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growth / marketing / marketing / community intern at Horizon

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What We're Building

Your trusted hospitality network enabling you to find a place to stay with someone you trust. Discovering trusted connections starts with organizing your Facebook graph by location, and unlocking hospitality from members in professional associations, service organizations, and alumni groups you may belong to.

We believe in travel by giving, and provide travelers the option to thank their hosts by making a donation to a charity of choice ( is our first beneficiary).

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Drew Meyers
Co-Founder @Horizon, microfinance advocate, travel addict who has visited 40+ countries, Biz Dev/Community @Zillow alum, business degree from @UW
Will Moyer
Co-founder of Horizon. Designer, developer, and writer.
Jeffrey Jacka
iOS Developer at Dolly, Inc.
Oren Borovitch
Operations at DoorDash
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