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Helping couples integrate finances and accomplish goals, together.

Think managing money between couples should be less stressful? Think figuring out how much you should be spending should be easier? Like solving complex problems with other determined peopled? Honeyfi is for you. Come check us out.

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What We're Building

Money is the number one cause of divorce. For today’s couples, money is particularly stressful because they keep their finances more separate than ever. That's where Honeyfi comes in - an app that helps couples seamlessly integrate their finances and save for goals, while controlling what they share with each other. We’ve helped over 20,000 users enjoy happier, healthier relationships.

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Jobs at Honeyfi

Honeyfi Team

Ramy Serageldin
CEO @Honeyfi (Techstars '18). Ex. COO @Moven. 15+ years in the financial services and technology industries with focus on Innovation, Strategy, and Product
Joe Stanish
Co-founder @Honeyfi ( @Techstars '18). Previously led U.S.@Moven & corporate strategy @JPMorgan Chase
Sam Schultz
Co-Founder @ Honeyfi (Techstars '18), an app to help couples manage money. Front-end developer and financial services/IP attorney.

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