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The Next Generation of Leadership Development

We're an experienced, passionate group of builders on a mission to enable organizations to develop measurably better leaders. Read More
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What We're Building

Hone is a development platform for emerging leaders. It uses live, virtual workshops, facilitated peer sessions, and on-demand guidance to deliver leadership development programs, and assessments to measure outcomes and impact on the organization.

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Hone Team

Jeremy Hamel
Head of Product at CultureIQ, now Founder at HoneHQ
Savina Perez
Co-Founder @Hone Passionate about the Future of Work, smart growth, and the magic of well done advertising.
Tom Griffiths
Co-founder & CEO @Hone - next generation leadership training. Previously: Co-founder & CPO @FanDuel, @Hubdub.
Adrian Sule
I live and breathe digital design. #1 goal is to democratize existing products by creating experiences that will simplify, beautify and improve people's lives

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