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AI-powered cryptocurrency exchange, wallet, portfolio, cross-chain payments platform

We're hiring! Work remote, full benefits, paid holidays, stock options, and crypto! We're looking for the best to help us design, develop, and deploy a decentralized multi-currency wallet, intelligent fiat-backed cryptocurrency exchange, and 2nd layer cross-chain payments protocol for everyday use. Read More

What We're Building

The Problem

Investing, making payments and storing cryptocurrency is complex, prone to human error and difficult to enter. On top of that, services trying to solve for 1 out of 3 of these issues typical comes with a premium price or fee. This hinders mainstream adoption.

The Solution

Lower all barriers of entry and simplify buying/selling, investing, paying and storing of digital currency assets. Give cryptocurrency a facelift using a modern mobile-first approach and handle much more of the heavy lifting required to efficiently transact on a mass scale.

The Plan

Visit https://hoardinvest.com to find out more.

Jobs at Hoard

Hoard Team

Jason Davis
Founder / CEO @Hoard. Interaction / Interface / Strategy Designer. Front-end Developer. #ai #cryptocurrency #trader #bitcoin #investor
UX /UI Designer and Entrepreneur, Founder @Pindrop Music, Specialize in building high-quality web/mobile apps & interactive prototypes www.dribbble.com/bearduo
Jim Jacob
• Operations at @Hoard • Account Manager at @Abbott Labs • Undergrad at @Malone College
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