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The productivity platform that powers WeWork, Pinterest and Expedia.

Hive is one of the fastest growing startups in NYC, well-funded and changing life at work for thousands of people around the world. Read More
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What We're Building

Hive is the insanely productive new tool for teams. It puts all your actions, messages and files on one simple page. With Hive's all-in-one dashboard, your team members have their actions prioritized automatically and everything they need to complete them.

- Integrates with over 100 popular tools, like Slack, Google Apps, Salesforce, Hubspot and WordPress.
- Supports integrations for files from Box, Google Drive and Dropbox.

Stop working across 5 different tools. Join Hive.

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Hive Team

John Furneaux
Founder/CEO @Hive, previously Global Head of Customer Success at @Huddle. Mathematics @University of Cambridge.
Eric Typaldos
Founder/CTO @Hive. Previously @Oracle and @The White House
Erin Gouveia
Building the Customer Success team @ Hive
Toland Lawrence
Marketing @Hive , alumni of @Startup Institute , formerly @KPMG
Andrew Zuckerman
Harvard Student, YouTube Creator (Zuck That), National Merit Scholarship Winner, Siemens Semifinalist, 3x AIME qualifier, Previously engineer @Hive
Jason Kuhlman
design @Hive • previously @Workday , @Amplitude
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Hive Investors

Greg Arrese
Founder, Ride Ventures-early stage vc tech fund. 18+ yr hedge fund manager w tech, media, telecom focus. IPO, public market, m&a expertise. Bucknell, HBS, CFA
Thomas Korte
Now: Founder of @AngelPad, Before: @Google Product Manager. Investor in 150 companies -
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