Jobs at Hivemapper

Build maps that see and reveal changes

Hivemapper is a team of mathematicians, physicists, computer scientists, and user experience designers working together to to create a modern mapping platform fed by a network of videos. Our work is fast-paced, collaborative, and cross-disciplinary as we focus on solving truly challenging problems. Our team and tech are growing rapidly, we encourage skill development and learning new things, and we love to promote leaders from within. We want you to join our team. Read More

What We're Building

Hivemapper is modern mapping infrastructure. We provide mapping, visualization, and analytic tools—for humans and machines alike—that uncover changes humans can’t see. Our machine vision-powered mapping tools help forward thinking businesses and organizations build and visualize smarter living maps.

Whether building an autonomous delivery aircraft, assessing damage after disasters, keeping cities running, managing construction projects, or building situational intelligence for military operations, intelligent maps are core to all of these applications and Hivemapper powers them.

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Hivemapper is a full stack software product that includes: Computer Vision Advanced Geospatial Algorithms Distributed Systems 3D Graphics
Imagine if Google Earth and YouTube had a baby -- Hivemapper would be it.
Automatically detect changes in all three dimensions
Add testimonials, product launches, and photos that highlight your company

Jobs at Hivemapper

Hivemapper Team

Ariel Seidman
Founder @Gigwalk, @Hivemapper • Worked at @Yahoo, @Siebel Systems • Investor @Clementine Labs
Tom Haramaty
Worked at Hivemapper, Hivemapper. Experience with Algorithms, Computer Vision, C++
Ethan Van Andel
VP of Engineering at Hivemapper, PhD in Applied Mathematics
Dane Pieri
Founder of @Marvina. CMU design and HCI grad.
Andre Sanchez
Front end engineer at @Hivemapper working on 3D mapping and graphics on a virtual globe.
Carnegie Mellon CS. Server engineer.
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Hivemapper Investors

Amit Kumar
Founder & CEO, Trimian President, IIT Delhi Excellence Foundation previously: VP & GM, Yahoo Small Business Founder & CEO, Lexity (acq Yahoo)
Adam Nash
EIR @Greylock Partners. Previously President & CEO @Wealthfront, VP Product at @LinkedIn. Also tours of duty at @eBay, @Preview Systems, @Apple.

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