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Waterloo, Kitchener · Full Time

Hive is a Y-Combinator backed smart email platform that helps thousands of brands personalize and automate their marketing campaigns.

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Job Description

Are you passionate about digital marketing, startup life, and learning a sh** ton?

We're hiring our first Customer Experience manager at Hive - is that you?

You will be responsible for keeping regular contact with key customers, ensuring that they're getting the most out of Hive, and selling them our newest features.

You'll get to interface with the world's best digital marketing teams everyday, rapidly build an extremely valuable network, and work side by side with a fast growing startup.

We'd prefer if you:

- have interest and experience in digital marketing and social media
- are a "people-person"
- want to learn on the job

We'd be extra happy if you:

- have customer support, and/or sales experience
- are great at writing content
- are bilingual

Interested, but don't see yourself having a career in Customer Experience?

- Apply anyways! Hive is a small team and growing quickly - you'll be doing some aggressive learning on the job and choose how your role develops over time.

Interested, but not sure you're qualified?

- Apply anyways! We're looking for people who want to punch above their weight.

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What We're Building

Hive is a customer data and email platform used by thousands of brands to personalize and automate their marketing campaigns.

Our technology helps brands sell more stuff, while keeping their customers happy, engaged, and spending money.

We take billions of customer data points from platforms like Shopify, Mailchimp, Facebook, Instagram and more, infer as much knowledge as possible (using some really awesome technology), and then unify, organize, and segment customer profiles based on hundreds of attributes. Using these segments, brands are able to send personalized, automated emails to their customers - at scale.

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