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Jobs at Hive

Helping brands reach new customers (YC S14)

Hive is a Y-Combinator backed company that helps brands find and reach new customers

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What We're Building

Hive uses their knowledge of exactly who's engaging with a brand online to tell them the real value of their campaigns and how to personalize their marketing.

Hive's CRM adds color to a brands customer and lead data - telling them who those people are online and what the next touch point should be.

Hive's analytics tools identify the people engaging with a brand across their digital properties, which are potential customers, and how to reach them again.

Hive's data collection tools help brands covert online interest into leads that they can push down the funnel.

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Jobs at Hive

Hive Team

Ian Roberts
Founder @Hive (YC S14), graduated @University of Waterloo
Patrick Hannigan
Founder @Hive (YCS14) • Studied @University of Waterloo
Michaela Angemeer
Customer Experience @Hive. Excited about tech, communications, and marketing.
Daniel Telatnik
U Toronto CS, generalist interested in machine learning, values challenges and learning experience, improvement through new perspectives.
Martin Gingras
Full Stack Software Developer
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Hive Investors

Rick Winfield
Harold Walter Siebens Entrepreneurship Chair & Asst Professor @Sierra Nevada College. Founder (sold to QNST).
Lei Wang
Twitter, Linkedin, Founder
Steve Taylor
Chairman Neighborhood Bancorp Chairman Taylor Asset Management, Inc.
Sam Melamed
CEO @ ABCIT, Founder @ InsuranceForums, angel and advisor to early stage InsureTech companies. Primary focus: fintech, health, p&c, life and insurance tech
Zack Arnold
Apparel Entrepreneur, Angel Investor. Co-Founder at @SvpplyChain . Former Captain of the @Stanford University Club Soccer Team. @Stanford University 2010.
Carson Mehl
Developer in Arizona.
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