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San Francisco, Remote · Contract
At Hitlist, we help people travel more. Read More

Job Description

At Hitlist, we help people travel more. Read more about what we're up to at hitlistapp.com/jobs.

#### Description
We’re looking for a part time researcher, data scientist, or engineer to sift through our massive store of user data and pull out insights that may surprise, delight, and otherwise engage our users and the general public.

Hitlist asks users to list places they’ve been and would like to go. It then uses this data to recommend places you might like to visit, and monitors flight prices to let you know when there are good deals to get to the place on your list.

Examples of some questions we might like to answer:

* What cities abroad are most and least popular with Americans?
* What two countries have the most similar tastes? (ex: an average Frenchman is most likely to have the same cities on his list as an average person from ______).
* If you’ve been to London, New York, and Las Vegas, where is the place you’re most likely to want to go next?
* What are the statistical ‘sister cities’ between every continent? (ex: people who have been to Bordeaux, France, are most likely to have been to have also been to which city in North America?)

Our database is currently postgres, but we're exploring nosql options (graph databases, etc).

#### Responsibilities
* brainstorm questions & design queries to search our database
* in conjunction with the marketing team, package research findings either to be used as blog posts or as ‘pitches’ to relevant news sources

#### Ideal Qualities
* Firsthand knowledge of the travel market
* Agile development (confidence in rapid prototyping or hackathon setting)

#### Salary & Benefits
This is a part time position with performance driven benefits: the more lift Hitlist sees, the more direct compensation you’ll receive.

You’ll provide your own computer and Internet. You are welcome to come and work from the Hitlist offices (currently at 335 Madison Ave, New York), or remotely.

What We're Building

Hitlist makes travel more affordable and accessible. The app acts as a smart layer on top of existing flight search services, allowing you to search by type of trip ('a 7-12 day trip to Europe this summer') and alerting you when there are amazing fares to the places you'd like to go. Eventually, we plan to be a full service mobile-first travel agency.

By combining market data with user-volunteered information, we're able to convert aspiring travelers to purchasers at a 20x rate compared to existing travel search engines. We've driven over $8.5m in sales leads to our partners.

- >550k downloads w/no marketing spend
- 'Best New App' in the App Store in 40+ countries
- Featured in the New York Times, CNN, Forbes, TechCrunch, LifeHacker, The Next Web, CNBC, Vogue
- Industry investors such as former Chairman of Orbitz, founders of jetBlue and Sidestep
- Team has won 4 hackathons (Tnooz London, Tnooz SFO, Amadeus) and 2nd place at MashHacks

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