User Support Specialist at Hinge

New York City · Full Time

Job Description

At Hinge, we appreciate that dating can be stressful - but using Hinge should not be! Everything we do at Hinge is geared toward improving and enhancing our users’ dating experiences. As a User Support Specialist, you’ll have your finger on the pulse of what’s affecting our users’ experiences. You will act as the internal advocate for our users, assess and respond to user issues and feedback, and help manage the prioritization of major issues in our development queue. You’ll be largely autonomous in this role and personally responsible for delivering world class service - critical to our success at being a trusted brand.

Roles / Responsibilities:
- Manage inbound support emails
- Communicate relevant technical information to users, and user narratives to engineers, with equal clarity
- Track common issues and help prioritize features and fixes
- Make service and tracking processes more efficient over time
- Help members make the most of their experience with profile and interaction expertise

- Write with clarity and personality
- Are naturally empathetic
- Are tech savvy - You’ll need to master a handful of systems and softwares
- Are a creative problem solver who thrives in a collaborative work environment
- Are Rigorous, Positive, Candid, Open, and Empowered (our company pillars)
- Enjoy a good love story -- you’ll get to read and respond to user success stories
- Most importantly, you love the idea of joining a fun, familial atmosphere, and being an essential addition to our awesome team

Entry-level position with competitive pay and benefits, plus an awesome working environment (think: competitive shuffleboard, monthly company happy hours, bi-weekly catered lunches, etc.)

To apply, in addition to a resume, please respond to the following:

- What two companies do you think have the best customer service, and why? (Focus in on some smaller companies - rather than larger companies like Apple, Amazon, etc.)
- Non-professionally, what are you best at? How'd you get so good?
- Write a haiku that encapsulates your relationship with one of the following: your favorite city or cold brew coffee.

What We're Building

Hinge is where relationships start. We’ll help you meet someone the old-fashioned way: through your friends. Hinge cuts the clutter, the creeps and the games. So you can stop swiping strangers, and find something real. By introducing trust and transparency through social, Hinge is shaking up the dating landscape and has attracted over $20M in funding from investors such as Shasta Ventures, FoundersFund, Lowercase Capital, Social+ Capital, Great Oaks and Red Swan. Launched in DC in 2013, Hinge is now located in NYC’s Flatiron district.

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