YC Company Seeks Director of Inside Sales at HigherMe

Boston · Full Time

Job Description

Are you looking to disrupt a stagnant industry with some cool technology?  Want to work with some A-players who have real experience building a multi-million dollar business?  Are you a crazy hard worker with a passion for the startup lifestyle?

We’d love to tell you more about HigherMe – our recruiting platform is going to revolutionize the way retail and service employers find and hire their employees. We work with companies like Dunkin' Donuts, Panera Bread, and White Castle. We're backed by top investors from Boston & Silicon Valley, and we're on a mission to find more people a job they love than any other company.

We're looking for an experienced sales leader that can come on board and build out our inside sales team, including both business development and sales.

What we do

HigherMe helps retail & hourly employers find better employees faster. Using matching algorithms and video, our recruitment platform helps managers find, screen, and hire employees. Applicants record a 30-second video pitch to showcase their personality, and our analytics help screen the best candidates.

This role will involve:

- Defining the process for outbound cold calling --> business development --> sales
- Building, managing, and empowering a team of BDR's & AE's
- Measuring & optimizing metrics up and down the sales funnel
- Direct report to the CEO

We're looking for

- Someone with 3-5 years of professional experience in sales and/or business development. Ideal past roles include BDR, SDR, Account Exec.
- Someone with 1-2 years of leadership experience, building and managing either a sales team or a business development team
- Our sale process is a unique hybrid BDR/AE model, so someone proficient at both lead gen and closing is preferred
- Someone not afraid to get their hands dirty and make 100+ dials/day for the first several months while we refine the system

Contact for more info: rob@higherme.com

What We're Building

HigherMe is a Y Combinator company that helps hourly employers find, screen, and hire better employees faster. Companies like Dunkin' Donuts and Panera Bread trust us with the most important part of their operation: their people.

We provide a suite of software tools - assessments, career pages, applicant tracking, video resumes, interview scheduling, text-to-apply, paperless onboarding - that help improve efficiency, but we're also a growing network of candidates for hourly jobs, allowing us to also sell access to candidates.

Customers report significant time savings, reductions in turnover, and the ability to quickly and consistently hire higher-quality employees.

Applicants love us, because they can create a profile, used to apply for lots of jobs. They don't have to fill out a separate application each time, and can do everything on mobile.

With 77 million hourly workers, the potential to extend into other verticals (customer service, admin, on-demand, healthcare) is massive.

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