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Hevo Data

Frontend Engineer at Hevo Data

Bengaluru · Full Time
At Hevo, we are building the world’s most secure and scalable data integration platform as a service (PaaS). Read More
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Job Description

At Hevo, we believe companies should be able to do analytics on their data with no hassle. We make that possible for them by providing them with an enterprise-grade data analytics platform.

We are looking to hire engineers with a deep focus on complex, large-scale distributed systems. Our customers depend on us to be able to do analytics on their data in a reliable and timely manner. They trust us with a lot of their valuable data and believe in us to handle it responsibly. Their own reputation within their organizations depends on us doing our job well. Keeping that trust is extremely important to us.

- Why should you join us?

We are hiring folks who obsess about customer experience and solving real problems through technology.

If you breathe, drink & think Code - we could be the best place for you. You will love working with one of the best engineers and architects out there.

- What do we need from you?

You should have strong knowledge of contemporary frontend concepts, in addition to a strong coding skill.

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What We're Building

At Hevo, we are building the world’s most secure and scalable data integration platform as a service (PaaS).

There has been a fundamental change in the amount of data companies are generating these days. More and more users in an organization are looking at data now. Data is no more a second-class citizen and companies are seeing data as a competitive advantage rather than as a geek’s obsession. We see this change and we are here change the way companies analyze their data.

We believe that users should be able to talk to data rather than looking at a barrage of reports and dashboards. More importantly, users should be only looking at data that matters and not everything that is thrown at them.

We are looking for people who believe in challenging the status quo and are ready to be a part of this change. If you are the one who is looking to take a leap of faith and work on technologies of the future, then we are looking for you.

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