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Elixir/Phoenix Backend Engineer at Heresy

London · Full Time

We are a small, but well funded tech startup founded by experienced entrepreneurs. We are building a Sales workflow application based on Scrum and Agile development methodologies. We believe that existing sales management practices and supporting tools alike are massively obsolete, and are working hard to fix this.

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Job Description

Being one of our first engineers, you will have the opportunity to shape not just the code base and technology stack, but the product itself. We have tight deadlines, but also the freedom to experiment and do work that we’re proud of, instead of just ticking the boxes.


Our current prototype is built with Elixir and Phoenix, combined with a light and fast front-end, built with native ES2015 and D3.js. We prefer easy to understand functional code over cleverly written one-liners. We also like documenting and testing our code as we go, without obsessing over 3-letter acronyms (those ending in “DD”). We’re hosted on Heroku and use GitHub and Travis CI so there’s no infrastructure to maintain.

The role

You’ll join us as our first back-end engineer and help us complete the first version of our main product. You will have the opportunity to take ownership of the development process, participate in discussions and be part of the journey of growing the company. As such, you’ll be working directly with the CEO (previously Managing Director at Stack Overflow in Europe) and CTO (previously freelance developer and consultant, organiser of ShoreditchJS).

Previous experience with Elixir/Phoenix is not required, if you have Ruby on Rails background.

- Small and cosy shared office space near Old Street / Farringdon
- Complete with an amazing rooftop, Aeron chairs and automatic height-adjustable desks
- La Marzocco espresso machine, lots of snacks and craft beers
- Stock options
- Team lunches

Feel free to apply through AngelList, or drop an email to svilen [a-t] telling us about yourself (ideally links to github, active projects showcasing your work and/or a short resume).

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What We're Building

“First prize is a Cadillac El Dorado.
Second prize is a set of steak knives.
Third prize is — you’re fired!”

The days of top-down sales management are over! We are bringing Agile to Sales, empowering salespeople to improve performance with better data and collaboration.

We believe that CRM software built as a “system of record” adds little value to salespeople. Heresy is a workflow application, that enables sales professionals to manage their workload, forecast accurately and crush targets every month. Through its usage, we are able to aggregate valuable data that provides salespeople and their managers with unique insights without having to run a single report.

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Dimitar Stanimiroff
Entrepreneur, experienced executive, angel investor
Svilen Gospodinov
Founder & CTO @Heresy • Prev. freelance/consultancy, @Skimlinks, @Mastered.