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Mission control for high-growth sales teams

We are a small, but well funded tech startup founded by experienced entrepreneurs. We are building a Sales workflow application based on Scrum and Agile development methodologies. We believe that existing sales management practices and supporting tools alike are massively obsolete, and are working hard to fix this.

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What We're Building

“First prize is a Cadillac El Dorado.
Second prize is a set of steak knives.
Third prize is — you’re fired!”

The days of top-down sales management are over! We are bringing Agile to Sales, empowering salespeople to improve performance with better data and collaboration.

We believe that CRM software built as a “system of record” adds little value to salespeople. Heresy is a workflow and analytics platform that helps salespeople make data-driven decisions and allows sales teams to always stay in sync.

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Jobs at Heresy

Heresy Team

Dimitar Stanimiroff
Co-Founder & CEO @Heresy
Svilen Gospodinov
Co-Founder & CTO @Heresy

Heresy Investors

Philipp Moehring
Managing everything Europe (funds, syndicates) @AngelList. Investing in early stage tech companies in Europe. Connecting founders, investors & talent.
David Gildeh
CEO & Co-Founder of @Outlyer (Formally Dataloop.IO). Previously Director of Cloud Services at @Alfresco after they acquired my first start-up @SambaStream.

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