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Market Launcher at Hello Alfred

New York City · Full Time

Hello Alfred is on a mission to make life easier through the magic of personalized help in your home. Bringing software and smart service past your door, we take on the 30 hours of housework an average household does each week, so you can focus on what you do best: rock your career, play with your kids, pick up a new hobby, but always Come Home Happy. We are dedicated to building a solution that learns from our customers’ preferences and desires to delight them, not just with technology, but through a unique, last-mile human experience. The first service layer of its kind, we make the luxury of personal help accessible through optimized logistics across vendors and clients. We were the winner of TechCrunch Disrupt 2014 and a recognized thought leader in the service economy with accolades from the FT for Boldness in Business, Goldman Sachs, the Department of Labor & the White House.

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Job Description

You'll Click With Us If You

Practice empathy
Conduct yourself with the highest integrity
Are thoughtful, self-reflective and always open to growing
Speak up with radical candor
Approach your work like an owner
Have a high and ever-climbing bar for excellence
Always do things the right way, even when it’s harder
Believe that #oneteam is greater than the sum of its parts
Leave no loops unclosed

The Mission

Since launching in 2014, Alfred has steadily and sustainably expanded the national footprint of residential buildings that have integrated our in-home hospitality and technology platform. As Market Launcher, you will be responsible for creating and building the market’s operations from the ground-up. This role requires a figure-it-out, entrepreneurial mindset, in order to strive to set the market up for success in an efficient and scalable manner. We’re also looking for someone who’s equally driven to close their loops, measure success and most importantly, learn and drive changes to the next launch.

What You’re Like

A natural networker and hustler who doesn’t stop at the word “no”
Entrepreneurial and autonomous
Are naturally curious, striving to anticipate needs and challenges before they arise
Flexible, Nimble and efficient, often killing two birds with one stone
Good judgement and excellent communication
What You’ll Do
Identify what makes a market run well and quickly establish a new market that is poised for long-term success
Take our building launch playbook and run with it, marking new key insights and learnings and bringing them into the process in a scalable adaptive manner
Build and lead a team for your market with the support of the hiring team in HQ
Build a team of diverse vendor relationships for the Alfred platform in your market
Balance attention to detail with swift execution - we need to do things quickly, and we need to do them well. Balancing those can be challenging, and this should be a strength.
Jump in and do - you’ll be an Alfred for a day (or many) in the near future
What You’ll Need
4+ years of operations management or direct launch experience
Experience with nimble data-based decision-making, and effectively synthesizing and communicating across a diverse team.
Flexibility to travel to based on the launch schedule identified by the real estate and operations team
Ability to build relationships with your building and vendor partners, lead a team, and create a strong culture in your market through strong interpersonal skills
Proven to be self-motivated, self-directed, and eager to take ownership of tasks to ensure solution
Excellent organization and time management systems for yourself and your employees

About Us
Hello Alfred is a hospitality and technology platform focused on building intuitive, personal help into the most important space in people’s lives: our home. As the only company in the world that customers trust with the keys to their homes, we’re building a world where people come first, hospitality is an everyday luxury, and it’s not only easy, but OK, to ask for help to manage our busy lives.

We believe in responsible company-building, which means we deeply consider the second- and third-order consequences of our actions. We do the right thing, even when it’s more difficult or takes longer.

As a result, we build products people not only can love, but trust. Human-powered technology with heart. Join us on our mission to build the future of urban living.

Side note: we only hire extremely polite and hospitable people.

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What We're Building

Named one of the 50 Most Innovative Companies in the World by Fast Company in 2018, Hello Alfred is quickly establishing itself as one of the most disruptive commerce channels around, trusted to deliver services, goods and retail experiences past your door. Block-by-block, city-by-city, we’re building a marketplace, lighting up homes with the Alfred OS and service promise: to ensure Alfred members always #ComeHomeHappy.

With more than 1 million home visits to more than 40,000 households in residential buildings across eight cities — from New York, Boston, and Chicago to Los Angeles and San Francisco — we’re building the future of urban living. Join us and help change the way people live.

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