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Connecting brands and female millennial consumers!

Heartbeat is a social marketing technology platform that connects brands directly with the consumers they are trying to reach. We create user-generated content and ambassador marketing campaigns with our community of over 200,000 real, everyday women. The Heartbeat ambassador network is made up of consumers, not bloggers or celebrities, and we connect them with the brands they love, activating them at scale and creating consumer-generated movements on social media. We reward real women for posting about brands they love or are excited to discover, and we're making social media marketing scalable and ROI-focused.

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What We're Building

Brands today are spending $36bn on social to engage and acquire new millennial consumers. However, there are few authentic two way conversations between consumers & brands. Why? Millennial women have been found to be the hardest consumer to acquire because they trust exclusively their friends recommendations when choosing between one product or service and another. Heartbeat is bringing brand dollars from social to engage in a direct conversation through trusted friends. Heartbeat allows brands like Amazon, Netflix,. Warner Bros and even Soylent, to engage in a direct conversation through trusted friends. Those friends are the 145,000 millennial and gen z agents that are a part of the Heartbeat network. They create and share content about these brands and why they love them with their friends.

Heartbeat creates a two-way endorsement platform for brands & millennial aged consumers.

Jobs at Heartbeat

Heartbeat Team

Brian Freeman
CEO Founder: @Heartbeat, @Wyldfire; worked at @Mogl - Product Design / Management / Financing / Strategy
Kate Aveline Edwards
Co-Founder & COO of Heartbeat. Brown/UCLA MBA. Former Fortune 100 Marketer. People person and tech nerd.
Stephanie Keener
University of Southern California, Hearbeat
Ronan McCoy
Full Stack Web Developer @Heartbeat
Christine Graham
I'm a social strategist with a background in digital marketing, social media marketing, and entertainment publicity.
Adam Kyle Wilson
Designing today for an awesome tomorrow.
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Heartbeat Investors

Ryan Bloomer
General Partner at Kairos and Co-Founder of Momentum Venture Partners
Danny Razore
"The greatest fallacy of all is the overnight success"

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