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Blockchain based platform for healthcare second opinion

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What We're Building

HealPoint is the online second opinion platform that allows users to become
telemedicine patients and get a second opinion for their diagnosis from
hundreds of doctors around the world.
An artificial intelligence algorithm will calculate and evaluate the probability of
the diagnosis and match the patient with a doctor in a chosen country who can
prescribe the treatment plan if applicable.
Using the HealPoint platform doctors can consult patients about an injury,
diagnose an illness, or write a prescription without actually seeing the patient in person.

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HealPoint Team

Boris Poly
Software developer, solution architect and blockchain developer. Worked on laboratory Information Systems, sem. analysis, geotargeting, pipeline of DB/API/APP
Gene Avakyan
To continue to be challenged by new opportunities. Experience includes 20 years of technology and entertainment consulting and producing content to impress.

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