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Most recently I co-founded and was CEO of Mashup Media Inc, the parent company of Mashup.com and Mougg.com. Mashup was a custom-built cloud music system with social sharing tools. The Mashup™ platform allowed any user with internet access in any country to access their cloud music. As CEO,


Set overall vision and strategy, leading company to acquire first competitor in 2011

Prioritized business and service development throughout product lifecycle, from concept to release to measurement

Managed the objectives and deliverables of a crossfunctional team of 8 developers (in 4 countries and 5 time zones), engineers, marketing associates, and 12 remote interns

Launched Mashup services in 72 countries with over 50,000 customers

Pitched and obtained private investors and institutions to raise capital

Negotiated an OEM deal to be built on VOCCO devices

Received Media coverage from outlets including Yahoo!, TNW, Business Journal. Minneapolis Business Magazine, About.com, and others.

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