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On Hatch, you can personalize and customize every product to make it uniquely yours.

Hatch Jobs : Screenshot
Hatch Jobs : Screenshot
Hatch Jobs : Screenshot
Anastasia Leng
Co-Founder of @Hatch. 5+ years @Google in BD & Marketing, with much focus on Int'l markets. Lived on 4 continents, speak 3 languages, triple major from UPenn
Ryan Hayward
Co-Founder at Formerly @Google (Maps, AdWords, Google+). Penn/Wharton '07.

Artisan products, customizable by you.

Why Us?

We're working on a new version of the site with some stuff that you haven't seen in e-commerce before, with a lot of room for you to grow on the front and/or back end. Relaxed work culture and good people.

New York City
1-10 employees
$1M Seed in 2013
E-Commerce, Marketplaces, Custom Retail, E-Commerce Platforms

Hatch Jobs

Software Engineer
$70K – $110K Salary
0.4% – 0.9% Equity
Full Time · New York City


Steve Olechowski
Steve Olechowski
Former Co-Founder of FeedBurner and Google Product Manager, Mobile and Advertising. Current: Blinkfire Analytics
Summify, Groovebug, Thing Labs, Hatch, Avocado, Blinkfire Analytics
Stefan Glaenzer
Stefan Glaenzer
Founder @Passion Capital, @White Bear Yard. First investor and exec chairman @lastfm and @Mendeley, named best angel investor in Europe by @TechCrunch Europe .
Picklive, Mendeley, Pusher, studdex, Bonfire, Smarkets, GoSquared, Bouf, Wahanda, Vinetrade, Sofar Sounds, EyeEm,, Amiando, Timetric, Tradeshift, Adzuna, Luluvise, Mixlr, wireWAX, Flattr, Readmill, GoCardless, PeerIndex, Tripbirds, Compass, eRepublik, kaufDA, kissnofrog, Limundo, Duedil,, Stylistpick, Hatch, Kreditech, Swipe, Car Throttle, Mendeley
Great Oaks Venture Capital
Committed to developing early-stage growth businesses led by promising entrepreneurs
Investments, Olapic, Storify, TeliportMe,, AllTrails, 500friends, SkyVu, AppAddictive, Drync, CityPockets, uSpeak, Artsicle, EAT Club, Fitocracy, geeklist, Care at Hand, Rise Art, IMRSV, Payoff, Assured Labor, Hinge, Mortar Data, BabbaCo, Bespoke Post, Love With Food, Murfie, Meddik, ShuttleCloud, Stray Boots, The Muse, Docphin, spotflux, Uncorkd, inSparq, Adzerk, Ownza, Vistar Media, Modcloth, StubHub, Zimbio, 33Across, Trulia, Viagogo,, Movity, GameChanger, Carwoo, HealthTap, SnappyTV, Hook Mobile, OkCupid,, Jumpcut, Viddler, CodeStreet, Social Weekend, Course Hero, DineroMail, Joor, ContentNow, Glassbox, PredictiveEdge, VivaReal, Liketwice, Progreso Financiero, Plyfe, Hullabalu,, Fresh, Spreecast, Healthagen/iTriage (Aetna), mom trusted, CarWoo!, LiveMinutes, Reclip.It, Bombfell, Monogram, EatStreet, Lore, OrderAhead, Three Ring, Tred, Kinnek, Discoverly, Plumzi, Storefront, Monocle Order, Flatiron Health, Hatch, Stitcher, MATERIAL WRLD, salido,, Adcade, Milk & Honey, Redshift Networks, Course Hero, ibotta, Plated, Augmedix, Betterfly, Homer, StudyBlue, Help Remedies, Livingly Media, CardFlight, Popular Pays, Wellsphere, SocialWeekend, ZipFit, AAVP Biosystems, Eversave, GirlGamer, Meloun Credit Ventures, Mobile Igniter, Moxie Jean, Nextt, ShopBevel, Sneekpeeq, Subblime, TheSweeten, Locket, Captifeye
500 Startups
500 Startups is a Silicon Valley based seed fund & accelerator founded by PayPal, Google, YouTube, and Yahoo alums. We have invested in a number of e-commerce and fashion companies, and have co-invested with numerous top venture capital firms.
Baydin, Graphicly, Appstores, eVenues, WePow, ecomom, BackType, Riskpulse,, StyleSeat,, Lucidchart, Miso Media, Gengo, CardMunch, Decisive, BoostCTR, Humanoid (Acquired by CloudFactory), StartupDigest, DailyWorth, Relevvant, FeeFighters, InternMatch, MindSnacks, Khush, AllTrails, AwayFind, Forrst, Influitive, YongoPal, Stickery, GinzaMetrics, 9Slides, BizeeBee, Evo, Punchd, Iconfinder, GoodPeople, FullContact, Social Stork, Creative Market, Vayable, Pick1,, Hipster, Keen Systems, Tip or Skip, Rapportive, Bloodhound, Binpress, FastCall, Motion Math, Manpacks, LaunchRock, Vidcaster, Chromatik, Trusted Insight, Volta, Craft Coffee, MogoTix, drchrono, Tout, PicCollage, BugHerd, The IdeaLists, Zerply, Vulcun, drumbi, PostRocket, LocBox, Welcu, AngelList, Torbit, NetPlenish, Vungle, Scaffold, Red Tricycle, Cloudability, Saygent, CapLinked, Wednesdays, PerkHub, Spoondate, 955 Dreams, Symphony, Visually, 我搭车 Wodache, Colingo, Artsicle, ReadyForZero, SocialWire, OwnLocal, WillCall, RidePal, Intercom, Life360, SimplePrints, Relevant, Fitocracy, Hello World, Deep Fried Manna, WakeMate, OtherInbox, Foodspotting (Part of OpenTable), Estately, Recurly, Udemy, LaunchBit, Votizen, FastCustomer, 9GAG, ChirpMe, The RealReal, 42Floors, Amicus, MediaSpike, Mile High Organics, Culture Kitchen, Bia, Open Air Publishing, Coderbuddy, Lettuce, Loku, Tinfoil Security, SendHub, Curebit, Babelverse, NewHound, Cake Health, Bunndle, From.Us, AppGrooves, Rentlord, Everpix, Snapette, HighScore House, GazeHawk, Unbounce, Picplum, Keen IO, Replay, by Stupeflix, simplehoney,, Hinge, Conekta, Intiza, Eventup, TouristEye, TurnStar, Jamalon, Spinnakr, Triptrotting, GoSpotCheck, Hall, Bespoke Post, Talkdesk, Retailigence, DataRank, Safe Shepherd, WhoAPI, Switchcam, Contactually, Heyo, RolePoint, MoPix, ContaAzul, LOOKK, Love With Food, Koemei, Happy Inspector, MixRank, AlphaBoost, TapCanvas, Wander With Us, Shareaholic, The Muse, FlyData, Tello, creators of PassTools, Pixowl, Experiment, Shakr Media, Grata, CircleCI, Descomplica, Geckoboard, alex+von, Karma, TwitMusic, Moveline, ScriptRock, Scoutzie, MyHealthTeams, Dabee, BrightNest, Timbuktu Labs, Appbistro, FanBridge, OneSpot, SendGrid, Smule, TaskRabbit, Twilio, Simple, Crocodoc, Medialets, Zencoder, Wildfire Interactive, Flowtown, GroupSpaces, ZOZI, Brainient, Payvment, Lightbox, Makerbot, Republic Project, Mailstrom, Inporia, Backyard, Sitejabber, Apsalar, Aslan Computing, Catchfree, OneTrueFan, eLacarte, Affinity China, 15Five, Fooda, Kiwi Crate,, Ordr.In, Behance, Jeeran, VivaReal,, Connected, AKSEL PARIS,, SocMetrics, Lumatic, Mobileworks, ZipDial, Cashie Commerce, PayrollHero, Peatix, eCommHub, Julu Mobile, LaunchGram, LE TOTE, Sverve, peerTransfer, PredictionIO, StackSocial, WisePricer / Wise Commerce, ShareBloc, ipsy, BetterDoctor, Gyft, Mayvenn, AirPR, Ad Hoc Labs, mom trusted, Bricks, Simple Finance Technology Corp, Versly, Lexity, ChinaNetCloud, Instamojo, userfox, Transcriptic, Ubooly, FamilyLeaf, HireArt, Reclip.It, Credii, Shoptouch, Tokyo Otaku Mode, Bankons, Leaky, MarketVibe, Social Tables, wedgies, Mattermark, Primeloop, Cubie, Pogoseat, Audiodraft, boomtrain, Plangrid, HealthyOut, Tapastic, Nitrous.IO, Kidblog, Campanja, AdStage, Divshot, Cinemacraft, Markerly, Nomiku, Canva, Playbasis, Savannah Fund, Lookmark, SkyGiraffe, Speek, Silver Living, ViralGains, ZBoard, Cucumbertown, Import2, Manicube, FullCourt, Virool, FIGS, HighlightCam, Tradesy, Dealflicks, Hedgeye Risk Management, Language Cloud, OLSET, DocDoc, Storefront, BabyList, TRDATA, NoRedink, Boletia, Clothes Horse, DoRevolution, SpotHero, Veduca, Credit Karma, Hatch, biNu, Partender, Nuzzel, BabyJunk, everbill, Eversnap, Social Tools, Uwisio, Pijon, SupplyHog, Spottly, OKpanda, Floqq, Goldbely, femeninas, AuditFile, MyPermissions, Cloudadmin, Inc, GreenGar, CommitChange, YaSabe, Artivest, TackTile, Milk & Honey, POPAPP, Study Edge, MOJIO, AdEspresso, Bugcrowd, MexicoDestinos, AbbeyPost, Boatbound, SilverPush, CopThis, SKIPO,, WHILL, Disruption Corporation, Likeable Local, inDinero, Versus, MailLift, Algolia, HeartThis, Holidog, MyTime, Tamatem, SchoolAdmissions, Lockitron,, First Opinion - Text a Doctor, Carousell,, Wishbird Experiences, Snapsheet, ShareRoot, aiotra,, Sightly, Streem, Sunrise, BOXC, YaSabe, Regresa Pronto, Apsalar, EquityZen, PinMyPet, VONTRIP, VenueSpot, MyCoffeeBox, ShopGo,, Dropifi, Sprig, Favoritoys, Konnecti, View The Space,, Volta Industries, NativeAD, Wishbird Experiences, Shopeando, LinkerFriend, Builk, iMoney, Club Guaf, Geniusly, Cotiza & Contrata, Sproutkin, SoundBetter,, Ja Entendi, Qraved, Wavestack,, 99 minutos, Auto Chilango, Novelistik, Growlers.MX, Survmetrics, FameBit, FACTURAMA, Fullbox, Nubity, Balam, GogoCoin, Unitus Seed Fund, View The Space, Social Trends Media,,, Ohmconnect, Funnely, Boostable, Walker & Company Brands, Power Supply
Parker Thompson
Parker Thompson
Venture Partner @500 Startups. Early @Pivotal Labs engineering & BD. Co-founder/CTO @Placesite. Big Data @Internet Archive. Copyright law @UC Berkeley iSchool.
500 Startups, Binpress, Geekatoo, Cityblis, Impact Dialing, PredictionIO, Mayvenn, Reesio, LaunchTrack, Primeloop,, SkyGiraffe, OLSET, 3Sourcing, TRDATA, Hatch, Partender, BidAway, Greentoe, CopThis, BOXC, VenueSpot, unda, Doorman, Shippo, FameBit, Simmr
Christian Oestlien
Christian Oestlien
Consumer product at Twitter. Previously in various product roles on AdWords and AdSense at Google.
Traffic Marketplace, Fiveapes, Hatch, iodine

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