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We are a well-funded, Y Combinator backed company that's growing fast and finding some really exciting opportunities. Our users love us and it shows in our revenue numbers. At this point, working with Hatch isn't a gamble: We will win, but with the right people on board we'll win even bigger. Read More
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Job Description

We’re looking for a smart, creative frontend developer to help us build our product. As a frontend engineer with Hatch, you’ll be collaborating with our product team to design and build new user interfaces, and transform wireframes into crisp, beautiful web code.

In this role, you’d be building a new site from scratch every few weeks. Since we build web apps (in addition to mobile apps), we’re constantly spinning up new web interfaces for each of our templates. You would be charged with building these sites, and then handing them off to our backend engineers who will then integrate your work into our product, making it possible for users to change colors, features, fonts, and more.

In addition to building web app frontends, you would be responsible for building static web views (to emulate our native mobile apps within the editor), as well as updating the editor and dashboard controls to reflect each template you build. You may also work on our Hatch website, blog, forum, or other public-facing sites.

We’re not looking for someone to optimize a few buttons on our site; this is a role for someone who thrives on new projects, tough problems, and audacious ideas. Here, you'll be positioned to take on real responsibility while building on your skills.

* You have mastered HTML and CSS.
* You take pride in building mobile-responsive sites.
* You love using JQuery to add a subtle flair to your web code.
* You are comfortable with Javascript.
* You have an eye for design, and you enjoy thinking about how to make things look good and make sense to the user.
* You are a systems thinker, constantly thinking about how your code will affect other parts of the product and how it will evolve in the future.
* You thrive in fast-changing, fast-paced environments where each day looks different and responsibilities evolve quickly.
* You care about building a quality, scalable, and maintainable product.
* You are thirsty for progress. With you, a day without a big accomplishment never happens; you won't leave the office until you've built something amazing.

Compensation and benefits:
* The best professional development experience you’ll ever get paid for
* Employee stock options
* Flexible hours
* Unlimited vacation and sick days (we require that all team members take at least 3 weeks of paid vacation per year)
* A voice in the direction of the company

To apply, shoot Amelia (one of our cofounders) a note at amelia@hatchapps.com. A formal cover letter isn't necessary-- just write us a quick note in the body of your email telling us why you're interested in working for Hatch and attaching/linking to a resume, Github or whatever else might be relevant.

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What We're Building

Hatch is a website that builds awesome mobile apps. Users can pick a template and launch their custom app with just a few clicks— it's that simple.

Right now, we're not only helping the founder down the street launch their app quickly and affordably, but also fielding some major global contracts, all while working to build a game-changing mobile app builder.

Thirteen years ago, a little product called WordPress was released. Today, they power over 25% of the world's websites. We're going to do the same for mobile.

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