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Harbour 84

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We connect people to top quality workspace, flexibly and on demand

Harbour 84 is a flexible and dynamic business trying to help ease the challenges of working 'on the road'. Our raison d'etre is to ease a pain point for people who need access to unique, quality working space, flexibly, but often find this space is not available to them on a short-term basis. Read More
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What We're Building

The Harbour84 platform will host a curated selection of top-quality workspaces across Europe, carefully selected for their focus on providing a space and/or community that is focused on productivity and puts workplace wellness at the heart of its design.

By focusing on promoting different types of space and working with providers to showcase their vibe, community and amenities we will be able to curate bespoke lists of spaces for our users, ensuring that we intelligently match people and space with the ultimate goal of helping productivity and workplace wellness to flourish.

The Harbour 84 platform is easy to use with a transparent pricing structure. It can be used entirely online, or the user can chose to reach out to a member of the Harbour 84 team to discuss their workplace needs in more depth. Through thoughtful, quality service we aim to be the platform of choice for anyone thinking, needing or wanting to work away from their usual workspace.

Jobs at Harbour 84

Harbour 84 Team

Mhorag Doig
Founded Harbour 84. Formerly commercial relations for The University of Edinburgh, with a little Headhunting experience mixed in.