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Blockchain technology can transform private securities by increasing secondary liquidity, simplifying transfer of ownership, improving transparency and auditability, driving efficiency and lowering costs. Read More
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Blockchain Engineer

Our mission is to power the future of crypto-securities by building a decentralized compliance protocol that standardizes the way securities are issued and traded on the blockchain.

We’re looking for experts in blockchain technology, applied cryptography, smart contract development and security. As a Blockchain Engineer, you will be responsible for creating a decentralized and open source protocol for purchasing and exchanging crypto-securities. You will write Solidity code for the Ethereum platform, create Dapps, work with security auditors, participate in and facilitate bug bounties as well as contribute to our crypto infrastructure. You should be familiar with current web frameworks such as Django and React, relational databases, modern container-based architecture and deeply understand the Ethereum platform.

* Write Solidity smart contracts.
* Design, implement and document clear and consistent APIs for others to use.
* Participate in community discussions and improve the platform based on feedback.
* Contribute to open source projects.
* Educate engineers and non-engineers on blockchain technology.
* Guide product decisions.

* 1+ years experience with Solidity, Ethereum, and/or Truffle.
* 5+ years of experience in a software engineering role.
* Familiarity with: Python, Django, Postgres, Redis, Javascript, Typescript, * React, Kubernetes, Docker, GCloud, and/or Terraform.
* Experience creating open source software.
* Enthusiastic about Ethereum and blockchain technology.
* Comfortable operating in dynamic environments with minimal direction.
* Degree in computer science or related field a plus.

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What We're Building

Harbor is building a decentralized compliance protocol, a global standard for issuing and trading crypto-securities on blockchains.

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