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The B2B Commerce Platform for Manufacturers & Distributors

Handshake connects great brands who sell wholesale to local retailers and their customers. Our apps replace the antiquated paper-and-clipboard-based systems used by brands and their salespeople, allowing for more products to reach more retailers with less cost, at greater speed and with less environmental impact. Handshake's applications are a critical part of how every product reaches every shelf worldwide.

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What We're Building

B2B Commerce is how every product arrives on every shelf, in every store.

B2B is different. It’s complex. It’s about relationships.

We believe that the experience of B2B buying and selling can be better. That suppliers can build even stronger relationships with their customers.

We’ve made it our mission to help manufacturers & distributors grow their business by making it easy for their customers to order the right products from them, in-person and online.

The Handshake B2B Commerce platform makes buying and selling simple, intuitive and mobile. Sales reps and their customers can rapidly place orders on any device, anywhere, anytime.

Pen and paper, faxes and phone calls - your time is over.

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Handshake Team

Glen Coates
CEO / Founder of @Handshake. Went to Columbia Bus. School for one day. B. Comp Sci (Hons. 1st) from UNSW, Sydney.
Jeff Reekers
VP Marketing @Aircall Former: VP, Demand Generation @Handshake Head of Demand Generation @ThinkHR . COO/CMO Director of Marketing at @Datahug .
Paul McCarthy
People/HR executive fostering a culture of meaningful connections through workplace engagement. My mission is to create a happy and outstanding workplace.
Louis McCracken
Experienced B2B and E-Commerce Product Manager, currently at Handshake. University of Virginia Computer Science, University of Richmond MBA.
Douglas Jarvis
Enterprise SaaS and Cloud Software Product Marketing @Handshake & @SUSE. Worked @Kraft Foods in Brand Management & Brand Consulting @Prophet. Kellogg MBA.
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